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Al-Madinah Hotel is great place to stay in, due to its excellent location in the center of the Syrian capital; Damascus, which means it's near all service and commercial centers.
In addition to some archaeological places such as the National Museum and Handicraft Center and within walking distance of all the ancient tourist and archaeological areas such as Al Hamidiya Market and the Umayyad Mosque. It's also near modern markets such as Shaalan and Hamra.

The aesthetic of the hotel comes from the fact that it carries the ancient Damascene character within the modern city. According to the classification of the Syrian Ministry of Tourism, it is considered one of the best 3-star hotels in Damascus. All of this and more was the reason why TripAdvisor considered City Hotel to be the No. 1 hotel in Syria between 2010/2011.
When you enter the hotel's lobby, you will feel as if you are in an old Damascene house, where we made sure to give the decor the amazing woody technique to simulates the Damascene heritage.
The hotel consists of four floors, and on each floor there are 10 rooms, except for one floor consists of 3 rooms. And the hotel rooms are either single, twin or triple, and of course the rooms are fully equipped with a bathroom, Television, receiver, summer and winter air conditioner, in addition to permanently providing hot water and elctricity.


Reserving a room is so simple, all you have to do is contacting us via phone or Facebook page and provide us with the following information:

room card

1- Your name.

2- The second person name.

3- Reservation date.

4- The expected arrival time.

5- A phone number to contact you in emergencies.

Damascus - Victoria Bridge - behind City Cinema
+963 11 2219375
+963 11 2210024

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